Bleu Wedding Advice: A Healthy Lifestyle

Good morning, beautiful! We’re thrilled to announce our newest Wedding Wednesday column – Bleu Wedding Advice. Two of our expert stylists, Coral and Rachel, will be joining us on Wednesdays for their expert advice on all things bridal! To start the series, we have Coral sharing some of her best advice to help you get wedding ready!


Happy New Year Brides! The season of engagements has passed and the season of wedding planning is upon us. Now before I get started yammering about the first steps to take as a newly engaged couple (we’ll save that for a different day!), let me address an issue that’s on everyone’s mind, engaged or not! Dieting and exercise. Now I am 100% supportive of “sweating for the wedding”, but I am here to give you three simple pieces of advice to help you carry out your new habits even after the wedding.

Start Simple!

There is nothing more defeating that getting in over your head. You will become overwhelmed if you set the bar too high, and you will give up quickly. So, start with small changes like reserving eating out for Fridays, or power walking for 15 minutes instead of trying to sprint five miles. Eventually you will find a menu that works for your lifestyle and workout plan that keeps you energized and excited! Be sure to progress and never stay too monotonous. Challenging yourself at healthy levels is what is going to produce results.

Get some knowledge.

Now that you have made some small changes, you may feel confused as to where to go from there. Don’t get stuck, get educated! Follow a few health and fitness blogs (the Tone It Up girls are amazing!), talk to health enthusiasts at the gym (trust me, they’re everywhere!), and do some online research.  You are more likely to give up if you aren’t properly educated on the benefits of proper dieting and exercise or the consequences of improper dieting and exercise. Plus, it’s always helpful to feel connected to those out there who have the same passion for a healthy lifestyle as you do!

Accountability is key.

Lastly, get a friend involved! Now this one can be trickier than you might expect. You need to choose someone who you know cares about you enough to push you even when you want to quit! To take it a step further, find a friend who is willing to make these changes with you. It might be your MOH or your fiancé. Whoever it is, having a friend with the same challenges keeps you from feeling alone and defeated. An accountability partner will keep you from compromising your resolutions, and will encourage you to keep up the good work permanently!

Have a wonderful day!


the Bleu team

2014 Iconic Gowns

2014 was truly a remarkable year! Our BleuBelle brides were the epitome of southern elegance and charm. From lace, tulle, sleeves and color, we’re certain our brides we’re among the BEST of the year! To kick off 2015 we’re rewinding a bit and taking a look at 10 of our most unforgettable gowns of 2014.



Christine in Jenny Packham “Esme”, photographed by Greg Ceo and Louise Wales

DonnaVonBruening0335 (1)

Jordan in Liancarlo, photographed by Donna Von Bruening


Abbey in Lazaro, photographed by Ashley of 1313 Photography


Elizabeth in Jenny Packham “Eden”, photographed by David Stubbs Photography


Meredith in Lazaro, photographed by Peacock Photo & Video


Jennifer in Jenny Packham “Blaire”, photographed by Bobbie Brinkman Photography


Virginia in Monique Lhullier, photographed by Christine Hall

Michael King ARTLOOK

Margo in Theia, photographed by Michael King of Artlook and Jenny Lightsey

photo 3

Velyana in Anasul Y.


Lana in Paloma Blanca, photographed by Kelli Boyd Photography

Have a beautiful day!


the Bleu belle