At Home with Mama Lis: Souvenirs

Happy Friday, friends! Today Mama Lis is sharing some of her favorite ways to celebrate your next vacation with the ones you love – like a true southern belle, of course. Enjoy!

 Vacation, Getaway, Holiday…whatever the name…it is a special time to explore, relax, and see a whole new world. We all take time away and enjoy the escape from our regular lives but there is always the thought of souvenirs for friends and family. What to get? Did I include everyone? You can waste precious time, energy and money trying to make the people, not with you, happy!

So, I have come up with an easy way to celebrate your trip and give your loved ones a gift. When returning, remember your favorite meal and plan to recreate it. Come home and plan a special dinner. Describe to them where you were, along with the sites, sounds, and smells. Your friends and family will sit around and enjoy listening to your tales from your visit.

On my last trip to Italy I managed to pack wine and olive oil (without breaking) in my suitcase and when I returned… fixed a dinner for my family. Luckily, the dinner was a success because my family sat through my recollection of the ENTIRE vacation…which included every stop and flavor of gelato that I enjoyed. My daughter recently went to Maine to visit a dear friend and brought the legendary Maine lobster recipes back and we enjoyed recreating these dishes while hanging on every word of her adventures.


This tradition can be shared by every family member or friend…what a wonderful way to sit and enjoy each others company while creating memories for everyone involved.

You and all included will love your gift. Time together is one of the best gifts you could give…sitting, laughing and sharing stories giving everyone that warm hearted feeling that will be a forever memory. So, no matter how long you are gone…no matter if you travel abroad, across country, or to the next county…share your adventure around the table with those closest to you. There is no better souvenir than time with loved ones.

Live, Laugh, Love — Mama Lis

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, the Bleu team

Fashion Forward

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Sometimes we put together a look that turns out to be more than we could ever imagine. When we put together these two pieces that is exactly what happened! This simple, yet edgy look is quickly becoming one of our favorite fall outfits! Have you ever noticed the way clothing makes you feel? The right outfit can give you the confidence to conquer the world. A sexy dress can make you feel strong and empowered, a stylish sweatshirt can make you feel comfortable and happy and the perfect pair of jeans can make you feel sexy and confident. There is just something about it and this outfit does just that!

Let’s start with the top. This stylish blouse by Alice + Olivia is covered in tigers and feels like heaven in a shirt. The fit is divine and not only does it look great with this skirt, it would also be fabulous with a pair of black leggings, denim skinny jeans, a fur vest, these metallic shorts and more! This striped maxi skirt with a banded waist has a classic appeal that’s easy to wear. Pair it with a flowy black tee and converse for a casual look that will have you looking chic yet comfortable all day long!

Alice + Olivia Top  (ON SALE NOW) // Lolicia Skirt by Tart Collections // Bleu Jewels

Happy Thursday!

xoxo, the Bleu team